I was twelve when I saw my first Starwars movie. It was Return of the Jedi and I instantly fell in love with the movie and if I’m honest Luke Skywalker too. Back then it was the action, the images of space and the cuddly Ewoks that made me a fan. Years later, another…(Read More)


Today I’m sharing with you, the best motivational video every made! Watch this Nike promotional video one of the things has helped me create the habit of rising early, then read on…. “6am and your hand can’t make it to the alarm clock before the voices in your head start telling you that…(Read More)

Project Management

Are you dreading the process of starting a big project? You aren’t alone. Big projects are overwhelming, and this sometimes causes us to avoid them at all cost. The idea of working on them is dreadful because we assume the work will be a long, painful process. This is why it’s so important…(Read More)


There are countless things to disturb us in the workplace, the weapons of mass distraction only being one of such distractions. It is important to know how to take control of the distractions and interruptions in order to be able to focus and get more done. Read on…(Read More)

Focus on what you want

There are lots of things toying for your attention and time. If you turn your focus to these three things you can peel away all the confusion and lack of clarity and start to move towards what you want in life…(Read More)

Traffic jam

Do you waste hours in traffic each morning? Do you find yourself getting stressed out and frustrated with the amount of time you waste? Here is a guest post from Sarah Landrum with great advice on how to stay calm and make the most of your time…(Read More)


Some meetings can deliver powerful results, like the creative get togethers of Pixar or Apple. Others collapse into time wasting chaos. is a tool that can counteract some of the failings of most meetings and will encourage you to make better use of your time and learn to have better meetings…(Read More)