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Celebrating the Highlights of 2012

While most of you prepare for the hectic holidays, I prepare myself for 2013. I love goal setting, I love the endless possibilities it brings. Each Year I set five Goals, one of which will be my core focus for the year. In 2011 my core focus was to get published, I got a publishing [...]

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Chaos to Control – Section 7: Maintaining the Flow

One of the parts of the book that has got a lot of interest is how to maintain the good habits that you have learnt throughout the book. Most people find it easy to learn the techniques but not so easy to keep them up. Here are a couple of steps to help you maintain the positive habits you will have learnt

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Is Knowledge what you Need, or Just Truth?

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest to fool” Richard Feynman I’ve just arrived in South Africa where I will be spending the next two weeks. My husband is South African, for some visiting in-laws may be a chore, for me it’s an occasion I look [...]

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How to maintain the flow when motivation fades

One of the biggest problems people come across when it comes to making positive change in life is the maintenance. It’s easy to lose weight; but can you keep it off? It’s easy to start going to the gym; but can you keep it up? It’s easy to quit smoking; but staying off them is [...]

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How Tweeting can improve your Personal Productivity

So Twitter addicts did I get your attention? Which type of tweet could it be? Which one will make me more productive? The answer I’m afraid is none of the ones you will post on Twitter. There is another type of tweet that can make you more productive if you allow it to, and that [...]

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7 Smart Ways to Get More Done this week

Would you like to make this week a productive one? How would it feel On Friday Evening if you could tick some of the things off your To Do list that have been sitting there for a while? Click Title to Read More

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Are you at the Helm or Bobbing on the Waves?

Peace, calm, organized and in control? I suppose you are wondering if that describes me ? Well I’m hoping that it will soon describe you! These are the states that we all strive for, but why do so many of us not experience this state of control? Why do we react when the wind blows [...]

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Procrastination: The Thief of Time

Why do we allow it to happen? Things that may only take a moment never get done, larger jobs scare us, we don’t know what to expect or where to start. There are many reasons why we do it, put off for tomorrow what should be done today (or what should have been done yesterday!). We know we shouldn’t, but it is an affliction that is so widespread and affects so many.

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Focus rituals by Leo Babauta

An extract from Leo Babauta of book Focus – a simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction Click Title to read more

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Pareto Productivity

Learn how to focus on the Vital Few and become more efficient, work less and achieve more …… Click title to read more

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goalhabitsm Statistics suggest that whilst 45% of us regularly make a resolution at the beginning of a new year, only about 8% of us will actually be successful in keeping that resolution. Are New Year’s Resolutions really the best way to achieve your goals? Below are some alternative suggestions which may help you to achieve your goals.
experiencecuratingsm If you ever feel like the search facility in your brain doesn't work the way it should, or if forgetting simple information is becoming an issue. This is a interesting book that will get you thinking about how to plug your leaky brain and take control of information overload. Joel Zaslofsky tells us how we can capture information in order to gain focus, increase influence and simplify our lives.
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