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What we can Learn from Miss Piggy about Business and Life

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a hero. She is strong, bursting with talent and she also possesses a great pair of legs. Oh and she’s a pig. Read on to see what we can Learn from Miss Piggy about Business and Life….

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How to Prevent Failure from Holding you Back

Failure is no longer the dirty word it once was. Failure in the words of the marketing experts has been repositioned. Failure rather than being a final destination has become a stepping stone on the road to success. So if you have a couple of failures under your belt, remember that you are closer to success than you might think…….

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The Highs and Lows of 2013

A little over a year ago I lay in bed, listening. My sixteen year old son arrived home. I heard him follow his usual routine. Get a glass of water from the kitchen, come upstairs, leave the water in his bedroom, go to the bathroom then back to bed. The bedroom door closed and with [...]

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How to Create the Habit of Happiness

Today’s post is a video sharing my 7 steps to bring more happiness into your life. Creating positive habits like living mindfully and exercising can improve your mood and wellbeing, make you feel more positive about life and increase your likelihood of achieving success. You will find this video and many more like it in [...]

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The Latest Buzz

As you may have noticed there have been a few changes around here lately. With the help of Tal Gur of Dream to Business We have redesigned my website to better represent who I am and what I do. Tal has been very patient and a pleasure to work with, so if anyone is considering [...]

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Celebrating the Highlights of 2012

While most of you prepare for the hectic holidays, I prepare myself for 2013. I love goal setting, I love the endless possibilities it brings. Each Year I set five Goals, one of which will be my core focus for the year. In 2011 my core focus was to get published, I got a publishing [...]

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do what you lovesm

Do what you Love or Love what you do?

Would you like to spend each day doing what you love, or are you content to enjoy each day just the way it is?

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How to Stay Happy and Avoid The Dark Side

For the last couple of weeks I have been struggling. I thought I had it sorted, I thought the extra work load was helping me to get more done. It did help me to eliminate the time wasters and only focus on my priorities but there were a lot of negative aspects too. I was [...]

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3 Crucial Lessons How To Get Stuff Done When Time Is Scarce

It’s been a while since I’ve been to my local coffee shop. The seat where I sit in the window looking out at the sea, I believe has missed me as much as I have missed it. I love coming here, calming music sets the scene looking out at a calm Irish Sea. My husband [...]

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Chaos to Control – Section 6: Positivity

Having a positive self-belief helps you to move forward and get things done. Less holds you back; optimism fosters enthusiasm for life and work.

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productivity-tips When you realise your are busy doing the wrong stuff or busy doing nothing productive, it's time to stop and readjust. I regularly fall into "The Productivity Trap" but here is my way of getting out of it.
To Do List Feeling Overwhelmed? Too much to do and not enough time? What's the first thing you should do? That's right; make a list. Get it out of your head so you can think straight. But what you do with that list is as important as getting it out of your head. Read on to find out how to create the Ultimate to do list.
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