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Why you Should Try for a Mind Like Water

Calming the mind is important not only for reducing stress and increasing productivity but it can also benefit your creativity, your relationships and your general wellbeing. Read on to find out what Ciara does to maintain a “Mind Like Water”

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Why Change is a Good Thing

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, even breaking the old habits of making excuses. “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” Socrates

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Get Set for 2013

Inspired by my course Get Set for Success this Get Set Manifesto represents everything I believe necessary for a happy and successful life. Start by dreaming big, you are limited only by your own imagination Keep learning every step of the way Live a life you will be proud of Give love abundantly and you [...]

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do what you lovesm

Do what you Love or Love what you do?

Would you like to spend each day doing what you love, or are you content to enjoy each day just the way it is?

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How to Stay Happy and Avoid The Dark Side

For the last couple of weeks I have been struggling. I thought I had it sorted, I thought the extra work load was helping me to get more done. It did help me to eliminate the time wasters and only focus on my priorities but there were a lot of negative aspects too. I was [...]

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The Crucial Missing Ingredient for Creating Positive Habits

Last week I wrote about creating the positive habit of exercise. I mentioned the importance of starting small. “Small daily improvements lead to stunning results” Robin Sharma I spoke about changing one habit at a time and about making time for the new habit in order to integrate it into your life. But it dawned [...]

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How to maintain the flow when motivation fades

One of the biggest problems people come across when it comes to making positive change in life is the maintenance. It’s easy to lose weight; but can you keep it off? It’s easy to start going to the gym; but can you keep it up? It’s easy to quit smoking; but staying off them is [...]

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Can thinking positively really change our reality?

According to scientist Tali Sharot our brain is prewired for optimism. Hard to believe with the negativity and rampant depression surrounding us of late but experts have proven that the human brain tends to look on the bright side more often that you may think.
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Emancipate yourself from mental slavery…..

none but ourselves can free our minds. Click title to read more

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Caroline Casey – Looking Past Limits

Caroline Casey – Looking Past Limits – This is one of the most uplifting and moving videos I have seen, and it has to be shared.

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goalhabitsm Statistics suggest that whilst 45% of us regularly make a resolution at the beginning of a new year, only about 8% of us will actually be successful in keeping that resolution. Are New Year’s Resolutions really the best way to achieve your goals? Below are some alternative suggestions which may help you to achieve your goals.
experiencecuratingsm If you ever feel like the search facility in your brain doesn't work the way it should, or if forgetting simple information is becoming an issue. This is a interesting book that will get you thinking about how to plug your leaky brain and take control of information overload. Joel Zaslofsky tells us how we can capture information in order to gain focus, increase influence and simplify our lives.
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