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Did you know that a ToDo list, while better than nothing can have a negative effect on your happiness and productivity? The subconscious mind has a tendency to remind us of a task that is incomplete until that task is complete. This is commonly referred to as the Zeigarnik effect…(Read More)


Having a standard process, a workflow to follow will maximise time input into your business and ensure that things are being done the best possible way. The processes you should implement in your business will depend on the type of business you are in but most small businesses will benefit from the following 5 processes…(Read More)


There are two words that have rapidly made their way into our everyday lives over the past few years. Some of us embrace them, some of us are afraid of them, and most of us have no idea what they actually mean. These two words, of course, are the cloud. The cloud is a network…(Read More)


This is a guest post by Adam from Allard Office Furniture Some people say that office furniture is just furniture. Other’s however understand how the right type of office furniture can influence employee productivity and morale. Here are seven things to consider to ensure your office furniture helps boost rather than hinder productivity. 1…(Read More)


The ability to focus your attention on your work, your goals and your life determines both your happiness and success levels. We have all experienced that almost spiritual event where time and space are suspended and we are steadily and wholeheartedly in the flow. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen too often and many people struggle…(Read More)

Project Management

Are you dreading the process of starting a big project? You aren’t alone. Big projects are overwhelming, and this sometimes causes us to avoid them at all cost. The idea of working on them is dreadful because we assume the work will be a long, painful process. This is why it’s so important…(Read More)


There are countless things to disturb us in the workplace, the weapons of mass distraction only being one of such distractions. It is important to know how to take control of the distractions and interruptions in order to be able to focus and get more done. Read on…(Read More)

Focus on what you want

There are lots of things toying for your attention and time. If you turn your focus to these three things you can peel away all the confusion and lack of clarity and start to move towards what you want in life…(Read More)

Traffic jam

Do you waste hours in traffic each morning? Do you find yourself getting stressed out and frustrated with the amount of time you waste? Here is a guest post from Sarah Landrum with great advice on how to stay calm and make the most of your time…(Read More)