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Goal Setting


Has Facebook Stunted Your Growth?

Has Facebook stunted your Growth?

No not your physical growth, I don’t expect you to be shorter from using the social media platform but maybe it’s preventing you from personal growth?

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3 Simple but Effective Ways You Can Increase Productivity Today

We all want to increase our productivity but none of us want to work too hard. This guest post by Bryan Collins of Work Read Play has three simple ways to increase your productivity and realise your goals today.

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Learning a Language

How to Make Time for Language Learning et al

My eldest son will be returning home from Spain at the end of the month. He has spent the year teaching English and learning Spanish. He is inspired and enthusiastic about learning the language but he wonders how he will keep it up when he starts college in September. How will he find the time [...]

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Different Approaches to Achieving your Goals

Statistics suggest that whilst 45% of us regularly make a resolution at the beginning of a new year, only about 8% of us will actually be successful in keeping that resolution. Are New Year’s Resolutions really the best way to achieve your goals? Below are some alternative suggestions which may help you to achieve your goals.

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How to Set Goals & Achieve them this Year

It’s the time of the Year to set goals for the New Year. Goal setting is a powerful process that can help you to create the life you want to have. Read on to get some simple steps how to achieve your goals this year and get a free goal setting guide to help you avoid all the pitfalls.

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The Highs and Lows of 2013

A little over a year ago I lay in bed, listening. My sixteen year old son arrived home. I heard him follow his usual routine. Get a glass of water from the kitchen, come upstairs, leave the water in his bedroom, go to the bathroom then back to bed. The bedroom door closed and with [...]

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Achieve your Goals & Get a Free Copy of Chaos to Control

Setting Goals is easy, achieving them is the difficult part. Read on and find out how you can achieve all your goals this year with the ten minute rule..

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The Latest Buzz

As you may have noticed there have been a few changes around here lately. With the help of Tal Gur of Dream to Business We have redesigned my website to better represent who I am and what I do. Tal has been very patient and a pleasure to work with, so if anyone is considering [...]

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7 Tips to Motivate You to Set Goals for 2013

New Year is a time for setting goals, but we don’t always feel motivated to jump in. If you are lacking motivation to set your goals this year, read on to get some tips how to find the motivation to get going after a long and relaxing holiday season

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Get Set for 2013

Inspired by my course Get Set for Success this Get Set Manifesto represents everything I believe necessary for a happy and successful life. Start by dreaming big, you are limited only by your own imagination Keep learning every step of the way Live a life you will be proud of Give love abundantly and you [...]

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dwarfsm Has Facebook stunted your Growth?

No not your physical growth, I don't expect you to be shorter from using the social media platform but maybe it's preventing you from personal growth?
trickortreatsm We all have different ways of working, some of our habits are good, some not so good. But do you know which ones are which? Which habits help you become more productive and which habits just trick us into thinking we are being productive? Here are a couple of the Productivity Tricks Trick 1: Email [...]
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