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Creating positive habits ain’t easy. If it were we would all be perfectly happy and successful. But why does it have to be so difficult? Why are they so difficult to maintain? Read on and join me over the coming months to try and figure out how we can create habits that assist us…(Read More)


We know we need to eat more vegetables and less sugar, but we’re really too busy getting things done. Many of us are rushing through a packed schedule every day—working to a deadline, meetings, dropping off the kids, getting to the gym, picking up the kids and there’s just not enough time…(Read More)


With the New Year in hand, most of us have ambitious plans and a huge laundry list of things we want to get done. It might consist of writing, getting more organized at work, or whatever you envision yourself becoming this year. But like many of us, as the year goes on those old habits…(Read More)


What one achievement would make 2015 your best year yet? That has always been one of my favourite questions. A question that brings everything into perspective and helps me to focus. There are so many things worthy of achievement, many goals, hopes and dreams. But if you could only choose only one? If that one…(Read More)


It’s the time of year where everyone starts to think about change, about giving up bad habits and creating new positive habits. Traditionally at New Year we think about how this year will be different, we are filled with hope, optimism and excitement. Unfortunately the statistics for New Year Resolution success are poor. Apparently…(Read More)


We all have different ways of working, some of our habits are good, some not so good. But do you know which ones are which? Which habits help you become more productive and which habits just trick us into thinking we are being productive? Here are a couple of the Productivity Tricks Trick 1: Email…(Read More)