Training Testimonials

“I have gone from using Outlook merely for its email facility to using it to coordinate both my personal and professional lives. The tutor was extremely clear and helpful on the day and I learnt so much about using the Calendar, the Tasks facility, Notes, etc. I am delighted to find that there is a ten-week follow up course. This is probably the most valuable element of the course for me. Not only what I learnt on the day be built upon, but I will still have access to my tutor for queries as they arise.”

“I attended the productivity course on a Monday and my life was changed by Tuesday! My work life had been extremely pressured and stressful but on Tuesday that all changed, it’s really unbelievable. I am now in control, I have learned how to structure my day and save lots of time. I’m working now with far less stress making my day run much smoother, calmer and more productively. It’s so simple to implement and the course was very enjoyable and easy to follow. I would highly recommend to everyone as it can be simultaneously implemented to transform a chaotic home life. Five stars”

“I LOVED this course! The only way I can describe it is that it’s like getting the team of “How Clean Is Your House” in to your office and your laptop! Ciara and her team helped me sort over 2 years’ worth of emails, calendar and task lists and showed me how to keep on top of it all in an easy and time efficient way. Within just 2 weeks our small business is organised, running smoothly, and it only took 1 day to train a new member of staff. My focus is now on generating more business and taking care of our customers.”

Coaching Testimonials

“I had a number of personal goals that had been lingering on my to-do list for ever. Ciara helped me to question what was preventing me from achieving these goals and gave practical suggestions as to how to break tasks down and get things done! Ciara’s easy manner made it possible to discuss my stumbling blocks in a candid way and I came away from the coaching with several new habits which I’ve managed to stick to. It also gave me the confidence to tackle some things that I had been putting on the long finger. Ciara’s insightful questions helped to clarify what I needed to do and the incentive to follow through. It’s a bit like having your own Oprah!”

“Despite having a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve, I simply could not decipher the sequence of steps I needed to take, in order to get from A to B. That’s where Ciara came in, unlocking the secret to goal setting! Being an “all or nothing” person my entire life, the breakdown of a large task in to smaller, more manageable goals was completely alien to me and this had been hugely prohibitive where achieving large objectives was concerned. By Ciara simplifying each stage of the process and tailoring each step to suit my own particular needs, I soon started to notice the difference in myself and so did others! Ciara’s help was invaluable not only then, but also now in the new projects I have underway. The teachings can be applied to almost any scenario, whether it be business or personal, so once the process is learned, it keeps returning to your mind with each new goal you set for yourself. Thanks Ciara!!”

Book Testimonials

“I read your book while I was away and really enjoyed it. It’s very well written and covers much more than I expected. It’s encouraged me to take a step back and look at what I actually want to achieve and put a plan in place. I have been through a serious declutter at home and it feels great”