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This is a book to help you focus on achieving your personal and professional goals. Rid your life of clutter and distractions and get the important stuff done. If you want to stop procrastinating and create more positive and productive habits for life read on...
Unleash your creativity, achieve your goals and get more important stuff done. If you are feeling stuck, stressed or frustrated this course may be for you. Together we will create a plan to clear the clutter, get organised and reach your goals for more happiness and success. Click here to find out more
paretosm The Pareto Principal is widely used in business and sales, where the sales experts have observed that 80% of Revenue comes from 20% of their clients and 20% of Product ranges tend to give 80% of profits. When it comes to the world of Productivity we can often see that 20% of what we do gives us 80% of our results.....
mail-symbol-grey-md If all my advice on getting to inbox zero still hasn't convinced you, or you are too lazy to manually unsubscribe to all the mail you no longer read. Why not try out, a very usefully little piece of kit to help you clear your inbox more quickly!
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